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Rude af, but these gains though!


Oh, there you are, shitheads! Wasting our time again …

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Faceplant into those buys, will ya’?

Don’t stand there with a face like a smacked arse.

Hurry the fuck up and load up your bags! 



Everybody can copy a fucking address. Load your bags or piss off!


What is a Karen?

Why the fuck do you care?

If you fear you’ll die stupid not knowing, a "Karen" refers to a specific type of individual: obnoxious, angry, rude, excessively entitled - all the good stuff. Everyone knows what a "Karen" is and why they are called a Karen. So, if you don't want to be called a Karen, don't fucking act like a Karen!

We're all about embracing a proper crappy attitude here, so we've taken the
Karen diner vibe and perverted it to our degenerate taste, especially for you suckers. It's all about having some rude fun baby!

Don't buy Karen if you can't hodl. You’ll need to seriously fucking hodl and you look fucking weak mate.


What to expect?

Join the rudest, unbothered crypto community there is and get to live the most unique Web 3 experience. Unleash your inner Karen with us! You can expect bullishness on and off chart, good humor and most importantly, tough love. Makes you laugh and cry at the same time, doesn’t it?

If you are easily offended, this isn’t for your pussy face. Karen is not for the faintly hearted and for fuck’s sake, don't ask to speak to the manager…

Think you can handle this? I’d be surprised if you do…you look like you can’t handle anything!


Obey or Get Lost

How to survive the Karen community:

Enjoy some politically incorrect conversations for a change, don’t be a pussy!
Shut the fuck up, enjoy the ride and don’t insult the team!
Blow off some fucking steam yourself and have a good laugh.

Have some dignity! Don’t do any racist, sexist, homophobic, body shaming or ableist comments or you’ll get your arse kicked out, got it?
Remember, all this is done for fun, don’t take anything personally. Not everything is about you!

Interactive Section, Question and Instant Reply

Pick your answer from the options below but hurry, I ain't got all day. Just click one of the letters corresponding to your choice. Your choice is wrong anyway. So choose already!

"I am …"

A prick.

A dickhead.

A shitface.

So offended by all this!

4-comic-question-mark-3 copy.png

You really are! Let's see what you've got!



Diagram 2.gif

Total Supply: 100,000,000 of fucking Tokens.

Ain't that shitload?

LP: 30%

Need to keep this shit flowing, right?

Private: 60%

I really don't need to detail this one  tho', cuz it's private.

Marketing/Team: 10%

These wheels won't turn on their own, will they?

Still feeling the burn from the last crypto crash?

Wallet feeling lighter? Got rugged?

Well, tough luck mate! Come into our KAREN Meme to let off a bit of steam! 

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